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Campbell argued that all cultures impart their values to the next generation through archetypal stories.

He believed the same about organized religion, but said it must "catch up" to the "moral necessities of the here and now. Irvin Kirshner, the director of the "The Empire Strikes Back," says Yoda -- the small but spiritually powerful Jedi master -- was created in part to evangelize for Buddhism.

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Mushim Patricia Ikeda, a Buddhist teacher and social justice activist, said Yoda reminds her of the monks she studied with in Korea: wise, cryptic and a little impish. There's been a lot written about Buddhism in "Star Wars," from scholarly papers to popular books , so I won't go into too much detail here. Suffice it to say, "Star Wars" borrows quite a bit from Buddhist symbols, teachings and practices. One writer calls it "Zen with lightsabers. The name of the Jedi Order itself could be borrowed from Asian culture, said religion scholar Christian Feichtinger.

The "jidaigeki," a genre of popular movies in Japan, depict samurai learning to combine swordsmanship with spiritual training, and slowly discovering that the mind is mightier than the sword. Sound familiar?

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Throughout "Star Wars," the Jedi talk often about mindfulness and concentration, attachment and interdependence, all key Buddhist ideas. Two -- mindfulness and concentration -- are steps on the Eightfold Path , the Buddha's guide to spiritual liberation. You could argue that "The Last Jedi," telegraphs its spiritual debts to Buddhism. When Rey is meditating, she touches the ground, mirroring an iconic image of the "earth-touching" Buddha. And, as an astute colleague noticed, a mosaic pool a Jedi temple shows an icon that looks a lot like Kannon Boddhisattva , a large-eared Buddhist being who hears the cries of the world.

But there's more to spirituality in "Star Wars" than Buddhism. Like Zen itself, the saga blends aspects of Taoism and other religious traditions. There's plenty about "Star Wars" that doesn't jibe with Buddhism, not least the fact that Darth Vader -- the supreme personification of evil -- is an avid meditator. Even the storylines that borrow from other religions teach Buddhist lessons.

Take Darth Vader's narrative. He was born of a virgin, and was supposed to save the galaxy before he succumbed to temptation, all ideas with clear Christian resonances. But the reason for Vader's fall from grace -- the lessons viewers are supposed to take away -- seems distinctly Buddhish.

Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi who will become Darth Vader, had been "attached" to the idea of saving his family, Yoda says. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy.

The shadow of greed, that is. Ikeda, who co-led the workshop, said many teens are like Rey, the inexperienced but enthusiastic Jedi: looking for mentors to help unravel the mystery of self-knowledge. During the workshop, Ikeda and her co-teacher, John Ellis, discussed "Star Wars" scenes and led guided meditations. Inevitably, a few lively lightsaber battles broke out. Almost as inevitably, because this is America in , the discussion got political. So what is the spiritual message in "The Last Jedi," and what -- if anything -- can it tell us about religion in real life?

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It's true that millennials may be eager for spiritual training, but they are are increasingly unlikely to identify with a specific religion. Coherent Axe , Apr 13, The Raddinator likes this. Registered: Sep 7, Steve Brule , Apr 13, BigAl6ft6 likes this. I think Poe Dameron will end after at least another arc.

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We'll get to this point in the timeline a few minutes after TLJ and then it will end. The whole point of the series was Poe's journey to find Luke Skywalker with a few bumps along the way that started in Before the Awakening and ends in TFA. My guess is that this has happened for close to eight months of story-making done over three years and now we have reached the conclusion.

Registered: Dec 1, SilentGuy66 , Apr 14, HedecGa and BigAl6ft6 like this. Assuming this current arc is six issues long, that means it will end in September. By then IX will already be filming, so maybe they will at least know what they can and can't do in terms of where the characters are at the start of the movie. Even so, September is still 15 months before the movie comes out - that's a lot of time for dancing around without giving anything away for the next movie. Steve Brule , Apr 14, Registered: Feb 15, But if there is a few years in bet movies, they could do a couple arcs pretty easily without giving anything away.

It's safe to assume the early part of the gap will be gathering allies. So they could maybe do a couple arcs about that.

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Or even some small strikes against to FO to build credibility. This would allow them to tell a post TLJ story without giving anything away. It would only take two arcs to get us to EPIX, and I'm sure making those ultimately inconsequential wouldn't be too hard. The conflict is already set so a small mission with the characters is doable.

JediKnight75 , Apr 14, Registered: Jul 19, Last edited: Apr 14, Jedi Ben , Apr 14, BigAl6ft6 , Apr 14, Some issues with the art aside, I thought that the issue was pretty strong. I didn't expect them to stick to the flashback structure for the whole issue but I think it worked quite well, and it was really nice to get little touches like Rey already knowing the scavenger who Poe ran into, as well as the interaction between the trio.

I was also glad to see it sticking with the same basic story as the TFA novelisation and Poe's Flight Log for how he survived. The jacket bit was a nice touch I will say that I am quite surprised by how fast the issue moved. Not a bad thing by any means, but in this one issue alone we covered the entire swathe of TFA in which Poe was unseen! Hard to see how we get two more issues out of 'TFA from Poe's point of view', given he's onscreen for a lot of the important stuff after this.

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A Timeline of Everything We Know Happened After Return of the Jedi, Up to The Last Jedi

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