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This code is only valid for 10 days! However Bach experimented to the greatest degree with the second version, dating from for instance, he used a different opening chorus which was later to become the closing chorus of the first part of the St Matthew Passion, a work yet to be composed at this stage and a couple of other arias near the end of the work. For the later performances he reverted to his first version from , albeit with some differences in instrumentation. For instance, in the final version he includes a bassono grosso , but no one knows for certain which instrument he had in mind; possibly a foot bassoon, i.

I cannot believe that Bach would opt for such an instrument in this passage; an 8-foot bassoon is more likely and the term bassono grosso probably indicates this more modern type of instrument rather than the earlier dulcian, although the latter had not totally fallen out of fashion at the time. However, I would not venture a definite opinion as to what bassono grosso means in this context. So we did not use this instrument: this was yet another reason to stick with the first version, since it raises fewer uncertain issues. Nevertheless, there are still various grey areas involved.

The Netherlands Bach Society

Even prior to the first performance, before making the individual orchestral parts, Bach began to write out the score in fine calligraphy, a task he did not complete; and this score deviates in some aspects from the orchestral material used in the actual performance. The process of determining the most probable historical truth continues to have elements reminiscent of a detective novel; anyway, it will never be possible to clarify certain details.

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St. John Passion, BWV 245, Pt. 2: No. 34, Mein Herz, indem die ganze Welt

Pieter Dirksen. The Netherlands Bach Society performs the work in a small-scale scoring with ten singers and eleven instrumentalists, no distinction being made between choristers and soloists. According to the most recent research, this scoring constitutes a very close approximation of the ensemble with which Bach gave the first performance of the St.

Bach Cantata Translations

John Passion. Bachs St. John Passion is less well known to some than his St. Matthew Passion: unjustly so, in many peoples opinion.

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Judge for yourself, as you treat both your ears and eyes to this performance of the Netherlands Bach Society Yet along with the musicians, its artistic director Jos van Veldhoven is still continually in search of contemporary ways of presenting this music, whether it be the traditional performances of the St.

Matthew Passion in Naarden, other works by Johann Sebastian Bach or music by his predecessors, successors, contemporaries and fellow spirits. The flexibility of the ensemble makes it possible to perform works from the secular and sacred repertoires in a great variety of combinations of musicians.

In the concerts, top priority is given to beauty, emotion, quality and authentic experience. They are attracting growing national and international attention from large concert halls and important music festivals, and the ensemble increasingly plays the honourable role of cultural ambassador. In order to reinforce the authentic experience, the concerts are supported where necessary by fringe programming, including introductions, workshops, exhibitions and book publications. Further emphasis is provided by the educational projects, which have also received several awards e.

Matthew Passion. Illustrated editions of the Christmas Oratorio, the St. John Passion and the Mass in B minor have been published in collaboration with Museum Catharijneconvent. Jos van Veldhoven studied musicology at Utrecht University, and choral and orchestral conducting at the Royal Conservatory in TheHague.

He has been artistic director of TheNetherlands Bach Society since , in which capacity he regularly directs performances at home and abroad of the major works of JohannSebastian Bach, his predecessors and contemporaries. Van Veldhoven also directs the UtrechtsBarok Consort, which he founded in With these ensembles he has made a great number of national and international radio, tv and cd The Netherlands Bach Society recordings, and has appeared in festivals in theNetherlands, Europe, the United States and Japan.

Since he has collaborated with director Dietrich Hilsdorf on a cycle of stage dHandel oratorios at the opera houses of Bonn,Chemnitz and Essen. In he was appointed Knight of the Order of the NetherlandsLion for his pioneering services to early music. Download Booklet Save to bookmarks. Repertoire Concertists.

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Turoks Choice wonderful resonance, exceptional packaging. Het is duidelijk: de twee visies kunnen naast elkaar bestaan.

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We have 21st-century ears that cannot pretend to have unheard the sounds of Schoenberg, Stravinsky and Stockhausen. We have 21st-century minds that cannot fabricate the limitations of an 18th-century world-view. Therefore we have to create our own context in which to hear this work. In philosophical terms, we have to interpret what we hear so that it makes sense in our modern world, and each one has to create our own philosophical context.

Some will hear this music — as indeed it is — as a statement of Christian faith, still powerful, even though it is heard outside of its original liturgical and theological contexts. Others, who do not share this belief, will ignore its text and subject matter and receive it as marvelous music.

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But even though it is magnificent music, it is disturbing music. It is, after all, the musical exposition of the trial and execution of one who is innocent, while everyone else in the story is less than perfect. But it is not an exercise in despair. This music proves beyond all doubt that, while human nature might be seriously flawed, it is nevertheless capable of creating works of art that give us hope to live by. Just listen to that closing chorale, almost entirely in the major mode, whereas most of the Passion that precedes it has been in the minor. So at the end, hope conquers despair, death is followed by resurrection.

The choir gave the first complete U. Greg Funfgeld celebrated hist 35th season as artistic director and conductor of The Bach Choir of Bethlehem in with milestone projects including this recording of works by Bach and Handel. Bach: St. John Passion 2CD Composers.