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How to control your money that always seems to disappear on you. You see, controlling your money is a lot like getting a new dog for you cat people, I have no analogy for you here. Forget getting it potty trained and keeping your new friend from chewing up your favorite shoes. Training a new pet is a daunting task, much akin to training your income to get it to do what you want. Execution is so important in this. You have to immediately take the time to sit down and write out your expenses for every month. There are many options out there for budgeting.

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There are even apps like Mint that you can sync your accounts with and set budgets to keep yourself from overspending. I write down what date my bills are due, and how much they are for the month. This will give you a total number for the cost of living. For example,.

The next step is making sure those necessary things are paid every single month with no worries. Because if these things are important enough for you to purchase every month, then you most likely need them in your life. This eliminates so much financial stress. I use this total to determine my budget by dividing my total cost of living for the month by 2.

I get paid bi-weekly The number will change according to how many times you get paid a month. With the remaining money, you have to decide how you want to use it. You have to make sure not to dip into that money that you put away. Leaving this money alone is what will help to eliminate your stress of not having enough for bills. Overspending is no longer possible with this method because that money is off limits for anything other than bills. This eliminates a world of stress and is a habit that has changed my life personally. You have GOT to budget to make sure you have no financial worries or forget any bills.

It will take discipline and it will take time. In which case, you need to look at what you can possibly cut down on to save money and afford your bills.

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  4. About that leftover money… There is only one logical answer here for spending it… Blow it right..? Which is a great question! Either way, you take action towards your aspiration, but it can be either from a place of dissatisfaction and wanting to change something crappy … or a place of acceptance and peace, and wanting to do something good for yourself or others.

    9. Learn to honor yourself.

    I enjoy the practice, though. Previous post : The Most Important Moment.

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    Thankfully, our brains evolved logic and the ability to consider the past and the future and all that great stuff. And not dogs. Emotions are great for giving you that umph of passion and spirit, the same way a dog is great for running and fetching stuff and being a great friend and barking when someone weird is hanging out by your bedroom window. But the dog is limited. It needs context and direction to behave well and function. Similarly, your dog owner brain must train the dog brain to sit down and shut up when necessary.

    You must give yourself context and direction. Train yourself to adopt the correct habits and make better decisions. Reward and punish yourself. Love your dog brain i. And not really because regret itself makes us more rational—at least not directly—but rather the way we predict regret is often done in a rational-looking way. Most of us are afraid of failing or screwing something up.

    How’s life?

    Similarly, a lot of us love envisioning massive success. Sometimes, the right decision becomes crystal clear when put into these terms.

    I personally know a lot of people—myself included—who ultimately made big life decisions largely based on the path of least regret. Go figure. Our regrets are usually the best measurement of what is actually valuable to us in the long-run. The best way to help you sort out all of your emotional drivel from actual decision-making is to write things down. The act of writing forces you to organize and make concrete all the emotional turbulence swirling around in your brain.

    Vague feelings become structured and measured. Your self-contradictions are laid bare. Rereading what you write reveals your own logic or lack thereof. Last night, I was motivated by hunger to eat something and there was a burrito in front of me, so I shoveled it into my face hole.

    If you identify some ulterior motives when weighing a decision, stop and ask yourself if your intentions align with who you want to be. What should I do?

    15 Ways To Live A Better Life

    Potential Regrets. Probably not. So there you have it. We all think we know ourselves well, but psychological studies show otherwise.