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More and more Christians are giving up on defending the Bible. It is vitally important for Christians to be able to answer this question because it relates to defending the fact that all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve and only their descendants can be saved. This story of Cains Wife Liliths daughter is my initial attempt to reconcile the Bible with the undisputable scientific evidence for creative evolution. I try to clarify why the Bible gives 2 accounts of the creation of Adam and Eve. Lilith has been systematically removed from the Bible, except for one reference in Isaiah The facts remain that she did exist and she did have children that are mentioned throughout the ancient literature.

Cain's Wife and Children

At lease one of her daughters was called Lilim. UnKnownTruths Publishing Company was formed to conduct research and publish true stories of the unusual or of the previously Unknown or unexplained. The Bible tells us of Jesus' birth and of His being in the temple in Jerusalem when He was a boy of But then there is no further mention of Him until about 20 years later when He starts His ministry.

The instructions were followed. A place was prepared. We have found the instructions that were followed to so seclude Him. This is the story of how Christianity began and became the greatest and largest religion on earth. The sons of God came in unto the Daughters of men, and they bare children A very large number of studies and tests have been conducted to date the original human parents of those of us living today.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan…. The Bible tells us that Satan was thrown out of heaven and indeed he was. We found the scientific proof.


We have collected stories of the devil coming to earth from numerous ancient accounts and we have gathered scientific evidence of his coming to earth. I grew up in the Bible Belt of Mississippi and the Christian beliefs were instilled in me from the very beginning. But my astrophysics education and career in aerospace made me begin to question just who God really is. Ancient fossil finds and the growing beliefs in evolution convinced me that the Bible stories of creation could not be taken literally. My search revealed to me that the scientific God of creation; the creator of the universe and everything in it was Dark Energy.

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Cain’s Wife Lilith’s Daughter in land of nod

Bug Fix. Learn the facts. The Deluge changed everything. It destroyed the City of Enoch and all of the "Children of Seth". Caine was so despondent, that he disappeared. His surviving childer and grandchilder sought him out, and when they found him, Caine told them to go away.

Left to fend for themselves, the Antediluvians ended up "killing" Caine's second generation childer. When Caine discovered what happened, he sought out the Antediluvians who had rebuilt a new city, known as the Second City. Unbeknownst to them, the Dark Father cursed his descendants with the characteristic weaknesses of each clan. According to Noddist mythology, there are claims that Caine will return at the end of time to judge his descendants: the Antediluvians and all vampires descended from them.

Satan, Who the Hell is Satan

This event is known as Gehenna , the end of all vampiric races. The Camarilla , however, deny any existence of Caine, even going as far as concealing or destroying books that even refer to Caine's return, thus promoting skepticism amongst modern Kindred. Enoch , "The Wise". King and Queen of Enoch.

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Caine's capacities are usually described as being outside the ability of the Storyteller system to model. Given that he is two generations beyond the power of the Antediluvians , it is reasonable to assume that he has completely mastered all Disciplines potentially to a greater degree than 3rd generation. Caine was able to see when one of his children's Disciplines had worked on a human. He was also able to cancel the effects of any Discipline used in his vicinity. It was this total mastery of all Disciplines that kept Caine in power, truly, for although he was a decent king and an honest law-giver, his Disciplines ensured that the rest of the powerful kindred stayed in line.

Caine had the ability to create new Disciplines on the spot if he wished. It is thought that his power to do this was the forerunner of the blood magic and its several paths. Almost anything else about Caine's attributes follows the Biblical description: if Caine is harmed, the damage is returned sevenfold. In addition, Caine is marked with a sign of God's displeasure. One of the seemingly minor characters in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines may be Caine in disguise, having orchestrated the entire plot of the game beforehand. Caine also appears in Gehenna: The Final Night , in a general positive interpretation under an assumed name.

The Adam's Family (MOAFT)

This Caine travels with Beckett while witnessing the end of vampiric civilization. Caine figures in one scenario in Gehenna , where he is explicitly targeted and drawn out by Lilith for vengeance. In that scenario the Biblical curse does apply, and Lilith prepares a victim to strike the killing blow on Caine and then get squashed by the ineffable thumb of God. Caine is mentioned in passing in two other scenarios and presumed dead in the remaining one. During the 13th century , Caine was revered in a trinity.

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In the modern era, many Kindred have different views of Caine, reflecting the trinity popular in the Dark Ages, albeit as individual interpretations and not three aspects of a single dark godhead:. Depending on geography, some vampires coming from a pagan background refer to a figure similar to Caine, although with another name:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Cain murdering Abel. Art by Andrew Robinson. Caine meets Michael. Art by E. Allen Smith.

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Caine meets Raphael. Caine meets Uriel. Caine meets Lilith. Caine and Zillah. Caine rules the First City. The first signs of a society occurred in Sumer c. More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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