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Book Category. Syleena Johnson. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Viewer's Choice. Breakthrough Video. Best Hip-Hop Video. Best Male Video. We never got a real sense of who they were and what they were about.

And not in a "ooo this is the mystery of it all" way but more of a "these characters are unfinished" kind of way. Not to mention Alexei, who is Russian and by default I must love him, was very disappointing as a chracter. I will be continuing with the series because I love the plotline that is going and based on the ending, I can see this opening wide up. However, I'm not sure if my feelings on the characters will change based on the fact that I think this is just how they are written.

View 1 comment. Oct 28, C. I am pleased. I admit! I was dubious at the beginning! The first pages didn't grab me In fact, I was seriously wondering if this book would plummet into an untouchable basket. I have a few quibbles, but overall I'm impressed. It's not about spies! Or espionage! I guess it's unfair to assume it will be, but Ally Carter has written two series about spies and crime, sooo, I guess it was my first I am pleased. I guess it's unfair to assume it will be, but Ally Carter has written two series about spies and crime, sooo, I guess it was my first assumption this would follow.

It's set in a made up? Technically when you visit a house, you're "in Russia" or whatnot. I'm still confused if it's an actual place or made up, though. She's convinced her was murdered by a scarred man. Basically she spends the entire book getting into raucous trouble, making bad decisions, snarking left-right-and-centre, and chasing after an elusive killer that no one but her believes is guilty. I enjoyed Grace I felt bad for her But she really was a brat. She was a brat to everyone. But isn't that a coping mechanism??

So I feel bad judging her character, but There are several secondary characters, and it's all very diverse of course! Like - Noah: who is half Israeli and half Brazilian He elects himself Grace's Best Friend. It's adorable. He feigned caring but he called her "Gracie" when she specifically said not to, and he was very domineering.

I don't really think it has a love-triangle. Which I'm glad about! Grace was definitely not in a position, mentally, to be having a romance. I loved Noah's very enthusiastic, charismatic friendship with her. Stuff Alexei. The writing was fast and light The characters could've been They didn't seem excessively mature, either. And the book has literally no swearing. So what are my quibbles? Unfortunately, I have a fair few. But some are spoilers, soooo I will wrap spoiler-tags as needed. She irritated me. A lot. And it's so cliche.

I thought Noah was better than that. And if someone says "are you okay" again I'm going to freaking scream.

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It's just weird. Is this tasteless or is ti just me??? Grace is suffering serious trauma from witness her mother's death and yet they do this to her?? It's so wrong.

All the time. Lots of repetition. Do you know what I mean?? The dialogue felt so repetitious with the "I'm not crazy! I enjoyed the book quite a bit! The end twist was quite shocking. I'm still sort of sitting here like a cod-fish with my mouth open. I have a lot of questions, but I think I'm supposed to?? I freaking hope. While I felt it was aimed at a definitely younger audience, I still enjoyed this!

And I'm not as tough as I look. In --" "Is this the part where I hit you? View all 14 comments. Jan 05, ambsreads rated it it was ok. I have no full review coming for this as I simply skimmed the book. It was interesting for the most part, but I wasn't invested in the characters or the story. I think this was just a bit too childish for me, unfortunately. Also, just to also, this book does feature slut shaming which I am incredibly against. When I first heard about this book, I thought it would be a dystopia. We also hear about shops in here and a lot of people and their families live on Embassy Row.

I would have really liked to have seen a visualization or map of how the Embassy Row in the books is supposed to look like, because it sounds fascinating! When her dad and brother are serving time in the military, Grace is sent back to live in Embassy Row with her grandfather who also happens to be the Ambassador for the United States. Despite the fact that, for the moment, all the embassies are in peace with each other, there is always this underlying tension. One wrong move can mean all-out-war. Grace is scared she will be that wrong move. After being sure that the person who killed her mother is in Adria, Grace enlists the help of Noah, Megan and Rosie to help her catch the guy.

But no matter how sure Grace is that her mother was killed and that her killer is ready to strike again, all the facts say that the fire that killed her mother was an accident. I really liked the mystery element of the story, always kept me guessing. I really liked the friendship between Grace and Noah and how that friendship eventually included Megan and Rosie, who were always willing to risk everything to help Grace.

I did love the few moments we got between them and wanted more. Grace was such a fun character. She was fearless and sarcastic and a little bit of a daredevil. But her not being able to trust her own mind or her memories, added a level of vulnerability that just made her more likable. They spend a lot of time together and have a really great and playful friendship. I NEVER once got the vibe that they like each other as more than friends or are even attracted to each other.

Plus, most of the time, Noah is crushing on their friend Megan. But there are some readers who think he might be the love interest. Then we have Alexei who has this really complicated almost volatile relationship with Grace. She resents that Alexei is probably looking after her as a favor to her brother. She is mean to him sometimes he knows how to dish it back and they argue more than anything.

But they was always this underlying tension and chemistry between them that I really liked. I wanted to see more of it, but Alexei rarely comes out. I hope! All Fall Down was a fun story with a unique premise that keeps you guessing with every new revelation. While I had guessed a few things only because I always have a million theories there were still some big things that took me by surprise.

My favorite part of the book was the setting. OMG, the world created in Embassy Row was so damn fascinating! With the different embassies and properties and lands with their exotic shops and hidden underground tunnels, I fell in love with this setting. Jan 21, Cora Tea Party Princess rated it liked it. Having read Ally Carter before I was expecting action and intrigue and sass and teenage boys that act more like they're 25 than I was not expecting this. And I was actually a little bit disappointed.

It was a good read, a quick read, but it was rather slow in pace. It felt like there was quite a bit of unnecessary filler in the pages. Even with this, a few of the characters just fell flat, 2D images hovering in the corner. There are teeny tiny hi 5 Words: Politics, family, death, memories, lies. There are teeny tiny hints at romance, but nothing you could really latch on to. I thought it was a bit of a shame, as even a little more development of these hints would have given the story more depth.

All that said, I did enjoy this. And that twist at the end - the twist that I felt made the book - has made sure I'll read on. It hinted at all of the things I felt were missing and I can't wait. I loved how unreliable Grace was too, those last pages completely changed my perception of her. And it was very brave. I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes. Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. I liked Grace although she did make some questionable decisions at times. Yes, I have never been the most reliable girl in the world, but I know what I saw.

I heard the bomb that burned her shop to the ground. And that is Iran. His voice is soft but strong. Jan 22, Aly Locatelli rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , arc , netgalley. Full review now UP! I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. Once I got used to Grace's personality, I actually started to enjoy it a little bit. However, it doesn't change the fact that the answer to the huge mystery was a little too predictable and therefore took away from the climax of the ending. Feb 27, Olivia rated it it was ok Shelves: action-packed , young-adult.

Overall, I found it to be a combination of mildly intriguing and tremendously frustrating, and I seem to be struggling to rate it I apologize to those of you who have been watching me change the rating back and forth between two and three stars for the past hour. Grace is an army brat, never settling in one area for an extended period of time. Having witnessed the traumatic incident, Grace is convinced that her mother was murdered at the hands of a frightening man with a jagged scar across his face.

Deciding to dig a little deeper into a series of mysterious occurrences, Grace realizes that she must choose her friends carefully. Midway through the book, however, the action picked up significantly, but seemed to fade away, only to reappear in fits and starts. The resulting, unpleasant lurching speed of the plot left a little to be desired, but this was made up for by a few plot twists that I certainly did not see coming I don't want to elaborate any further because it would make this review quite spoiler-heavy. I thought the plot was oversimplified - it could have been much more complex and likely would have better held my attention.

On a similar note, there wasn't much character development throughout the course of the novel. The main characters in particular were extremely static, changing minimally, if at all. Grace, who served as the first person narrator, shed a very immature light on events as they unfolded, failing to consider the consequences of her actions or to view a situation from someone else's perspective.

I would generally associate such a trait with a more juvenile character, but seeing as Grace was nearly a legal adult, I found the characteristic to be a bit out of place. She also had a tendency to assume a whiny tone and mental attitude when things didn't go precisely her way. I did not realize that I would be dealing with a tempermental toddler when I began reading. As the narrative continued, it became increasingly difficult to distinguish between flashbacks and hallucinations.

While this was likely intentional, it became a bit confusing to the point that I was forced to reread several chapters simply to decipher when said events were occuring. Consequently, Grace was a fairly unreliable narrator - it was nearly impossible at times to differentiate between reality and Grace's twisted yet not entirely truthful perception of a situation. The secondary characters shared one thing in common: they all lacked back stories.

Perhaps this is something that will be addressed in later books in the series, but they all felt like flat, lifeless pieces of cardboard to me. It would have been nice to learn a bit about the past, particularly since Grace's recollection of it is so jumbled. The romantic aspect of the novel is where it starts to get a little tricky - while there are two male characters with close relationships to Grace, there is no love triangle which is a huge relief, at least in my book.

Alexei, who lives in the Russian sector of Embassy Row served as Grace's brother's best friend and an older brother figure for Grace, always looking out for her and keeping her best interests in mind. Noah, on the other hand, serves as more of a romantic interest throughout the novel Leaving me enraged and extremely disappointed which is never a good combination. While I commend Carter for her originality and perseverance in regard to her writing, I found myself unable to move past several components of this book.

Between the characters, plot, and pacing, I found this book turned reading into a chore - I was determined to complete the novel in the hopes of some magical, drastic improvement in these respects, but to no avail. I had fairly high hopes for All Fall Down, and while it didn't meet many of my expectations, my nagging curiosity will likely prompt me to continue on with the series. And who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised with the remainder of the series!

View all 7 comments. Jan 23, Nasty Lady MJ rated it it was ok. To see review with gifs click here. Alfred Hitchock was considered to be the master of suspense. The man even made a movie about psychotic birds scary. Unfortunately, Ally Carter is no Alfred Hitchcock. I loved her Gallagher Girls series and her Heist Society books. All Fall Down is not terrible. It had some things going for it.

In fact, the embassy stuff was more or less an after thought. What the book was more or less focused on was the sanity of our main character, Grace. Oh, wait…not going to say it because spoilers. I get it. And mean cough, slut slamming, cough. Oh, yes, there is some heavy slut slamming in this book. Random hating. And well, everything was really random about the relationships in this book.

His twin in randomly a bitch. Megan, who would seem like an ideal candidate for being a best friend, helps Grace even though Grace treats her like crap for being feminine. Caretaker lady is a bit like Julie Andrews version of Grandmere dyed red hair included and Grandpa has a Southern accent. I think in novels such as All Fall Down, there needs to be more exploration with character since they play such a large role in the novel.

And in a storyline like All Fall Down had, they needed to be fleshed out some more. The plot itself was fairly typical for a psychological thriller. You knew a twist was coming. You knew that the character was being gaslighted to a degree. I applaud Carter for trying something new.

Many authors stay in their niche, but she tried something different. Jan 20, Eri rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-spy-things , cry-worthy , contemporary , fated-to-be , unwritten-reviews , i-m-lost-in-you , quality-otp. If Ally Carter ever wrote a book I didn't fall in love with, my world would come crashing down. Or the sky would fall, something along those lines. My day today went along something like this: PM: I arrive home, only to find out that my Amazon package hasn't arrived yet. When I finished: I'm backlogged on reviews so I'll get to this one soon, but not now.

Nov 05, Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , cliffhanger , mystery-thriller , young-adult , dumber-then-brew-mc , mental-illness , fast-paced. Trouble just sort of finds me. However, I was mistaken. While Grace Blakely is American and the granddaughter of an American ambassador, this book is set in the very much fictional country of Adria somewhere in the Mediterranean. So why on Earth would the author create a fictional nation to serve the same purpose a very real-life place does? It seemed a little ridiculous to me.

Grace hates everyone as it becomes increasingly clear, and treats everyone around her like dirt. Not only does she hate peers her own age, she especially hates adults. Particularly Ms. Chancellor and her grandfather. Her grandfather I can kind of understand, since he was bit of a douchbag covered in Southern charm.

With his piercing blue eyes and his annoying ability to thicken his Russian accent at precisely the right moments to make all the girls swoon, you would think that there would be a little bit of a romance between him and Grace. At least, those are the vibes I got from the synopsis. And what do we get. Why would you advertise a mysterious Russian boy of mysteriousness and have nothing for him to do? Not even a little flash of a six pack? No knocking the breath out of the female MC? No romantic tension whatsoever??!! And this read is no exception. Noah Esteban, the annoyingly chipper, half-Brazilian, half-Israeli boy who befriends Grace and encourages her shenanigans.

And I absolutely loved that little muffin. He reminded me very much of another one of my favorite sidekicks, Howie Guertsen, from I Hunt Killers. They were nothing more than one-dimensional figures for Grace to verbally beat to a pulp or put her in her place, and nothing more. She spent far too much time on Grace Blakely, though.

And please, give is more sexy Russian boy action, please. Jan 12, Booknut rated it really liked it. I love me some unreliable narrators. And plot twists. Cuz lemme tell you, I didn't see it coming. Apr 20, Tiff at Mostly YA Lit rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , contemps , mystery , pub-scholastic , ya , spies , thriller , for-review. Check out the link above! I was super, crazy excited for All Fall Down. And not just because I named one of the characters. The writing and Grace, the main character, seemed off-balance and abrupt.

The pacing of this book was super-fast — even faster than in the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society books. I mention this because you might want to put down All Fall Down in the first 50 pages or so.

They All Fall Down: The Most Common Pitfall All New Data Scientists Fall For

I did. But once I got into it and used to the writing about pages in, but for some of you, it might be less , I did like this book. They were a big part of why I liked All Fall Down in the end. I think my biggest frustration with this book is that it felt like a prequel for the rest of the series. Ally Carter needed to establish the setting, the characters, the motives, and the writing style, and because of that, I feel like the narrative wandered a bit for two-thirds of the book. It was only in the end that I understood what she was trying to build and why. Overall, I did like it, but more importantly, I think it needed to be written and read in order to move on with the rest of the series.

I can almost guarantee that now that the set-up is there, book two will have us all just as hooked as we were with Gallagher Girls or Heist Society. I would say that the story here is less intricately twisted than Heist Society, but about as explosive as some of the early Gallagher Girls books. Licensed under CC BY 1. Adria is no different. I loved seeing its old world charm, its many embassies, and the secrets and red herrings that she left throughout the novel about the setting.

I wanted to love All Fall Down, but in the end, I just liked it. The fact that it feels like a prequel for the rest of the series was big part of that. Stick with this series - I have no doubt that Ally will deliver a really good payoff if you do! It follows the story of Grace, who is still grieving her mother's death three years prior and vows it wasn't the accident those around her claim it to be.

Grace has spent the last three years trying to hunt her mother's killer, until she discovers him at Embassy Row and working for the Russian Prime Minister no less. What ensues is a thrilling chase for answers, new friends along for the ride and a revelation that left me questioning Grace's mental health. Grace is a angry young lady, rude and antisocial. Her own family disbelieves that she seen her mother being killed, so she's angry at the world and rightly so. As much as I liked Grace, her irritation became tedious and I wish she had of taken time out to be a regular teen.

Apart from challenging authority and a few sassy quips, she seemed to have only one emotion, suspicion. She was difficult to relate to. But the real draw card is the actual storyline. I love the setting, a united nations embassy in a foreign country where children usually join family members and officials for the summer holidays.

International relations can be a minefield to navigate, and now Gracie is expected to fill her mother's role by her grandfather's side. The diversity was present, but not explored and I'm hoping in further books in the series, the reader will see the rich culture and history of the other nations part of Embassy Row.

My first Ally Carter novel was a complete success. Well written with a touch of humour and mystery, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is fast paced, hilarious and light. And right now, I am currently in my fourth book of Gallagher Girls series. One thing I noticed from Carter is, as she published a new book from another, the successor is always far superior than her preceding work.

That's why I'm so excited for All Fall Down. Most of my friends have nothing, but praise for this book. That premise is targeted for me. I loved it already. Where it all go wrong? I was not really interested with anything except for the dark promise of more Russian eye-candy and certainly core group bonding.

I do get why some of the flashback is necessary, but some were awkwardly put in between scenes with no indication that a flashback was coming.

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One thing I liked: That ending. Overall it is not a bad book, it has a great plot, just poorly executed. If you love Ally Carter, I'm sure you might dig this book as well. Sep 18, Kyla Harris rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , aduiobook , I'm obessed with them so when I decided to dive into this one I was expecting nothing else but to enjoy a new world built by her. I was disappointed. This book's first half was really awful.

Grace was crazy and she had rollar coaster of emotions she was a lactic and keep on making a fool of her self. I cringed. I HATE when charater's are stupid and do stupid things that's exactly what Grace did all the first half of the book. Luckily the second half helps things out and makes the plot amazing and the story connects and makes more sense. I give this book one star for the first half and five stars for the second. Because of this I don't know if I should continue with the seriesor not!

I just might, but we'll have to see. Also the written repeated itself a lot. Sep 11, Kirsty-Marie Jones rated it really liked it. Almost perfect. I read this book so fast because it was one I literally could not put down! However, while it kept me intrigued, there were some flaws in my opinion. First, I had trouble connecting with Grace, she never stabilized enough for me to understand her. Also, by the end of the book it didn't feel like much was accomplished, it was a lot of going around in circles.

Oct 28, Stuti Turmeric isn't your friend. As close to a three as it can get without actually being a three. Basically, All Fall Down is entertainment fodder with ambitions to develop into something less satisfying further on in the story. It's short, fast-paced with fun characters, sneaking and jumping and flipping authorities.

Set in Embassy Row. In the fictional city of Adria, Valancia. There's a scarre As close to a three as it can get without actually being a three. There's a scarred killer amongst the tightrope walkers, peace promisers and other Very Important People. Grace is a troubled narrator, and boy do I hate that word. Anyway, the entire world as she knows it considers her unreliable. Starting out and through the rest of this adventure, her narration pretty much revolves around the fact that she's not crazy and there's a killer out there. I got over that rrrrreally fast.

Faster than Flash could sweep me off my feet and plant a kiss, I'd bet. How about it Flash??? I dare you. My definition of adequate being that I don't feel like I'm under a blanket, in a dark room for extra assurance. There's a bevy of beautiful people - another fact about ambassadors and their progeny I didn't know! They all set out to be models, but got sidetracked. However, despite my flaccid attempts at snark, I did like Noah, Rosie and Megan, our protagonist's compatriots in dank tunnels and trespasses. It brings on moments of cognitive dissonance, I tell you.

Putting hot Russians out of mind, for a moment, I'd like to make clear that there is only a smidgen of actual romance. Huzzah for us buzzkills and cynics and tired folks! Carter's latest project requires you to suspend you belief in all things dangerous and taught about efficiency of grownups like you'd drop your trousers in the loo when Ms Peepee has been banging on your bladder through an entire conference on lima beans.

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Not that I'm claiming to know anything about Ms Peepee, conferences on lima beans or lima beans, for that matter. I'm a Goddess, you see, of Something and Other; no need to bother with earthly stuff. Besides them book, obv. And Nutella.

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  • Oh, trousers. Right I don't have any sort of problems with THAT only when I get some sort of subtle discourse acknowledging the fact that yes, what our characters manage is unbelievable and tough. There wasn't. These players sneak into a very dangerous, secure, and paranoid man's with barely so much as an oomph! Now, it's making me worry about the Very, Very Important people currently out there in other, real countries. However, this lack of attention to details also goes for when emotional upheavals are going on, relationships strengthened or crapped upon, perils are faced.

    It's all fast and most certainly not furious, making for a "I'm in a dimly lit room and can only identify few sundries" experience. But besides all that, the story does get fun sometime later.